Aims of Education:

The educational system of a nation draws its future. Countries that focus on the role of education as an constructive and progressive power and support all its institutional levels: schools, universities, academic research…etc, are eventually leading their people toward a better purposeful life. A good example is Japan, the country that has put huge efforts and fortunes to establish a developed educational system that has been able to preserve the Japanese identity with all its cultural dimensions and achieve scientific and technological competitive progress. The Japanese have set great emphasis on the role of the teacher as a primary part of the educational system and praise his profession as a guiding authority. Moreover, they were able to establish academic institutions that provide a developed curriculum adhering both: culture preserving and scientific technology improving.
 The primary aim of education, from a personal perspective, is to raise and produce good citizens who are aware of their humanistic values and are capable of activating them for the sake of honest and happy survival. Education seeks to develop knowledgeable individuals who are able to interact securely and effectively in order to preserve culture, maintain social norms and lead to all that is beneficial and advantageous. It is the purposeful existence by which people realise the aim of their creation, it is a mind-sense combination process, thus experiencing life and exploring nature surrounding should lead to the full recognition of the ultimate purpose of the Great Creator. Addressing the human mind, spirit and body all together is an educational obligation and preferring one aspect over the other is a misleading conception and limiting education to teaching purposes is an additional misconception. Education should emphasise self-awareness by which people are aware and conscious of personal needs, weaknesses, strengths and essential demands for survival and consequently approach self-actualisation by portraying awareness in an appropriate practical social behaviour in order to achieve perfection.

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