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It is really frustrating to face the fact that the Family is no more considered the primary agency of education, and as parents we need to cope with this fact. Other agencies do contribute, either negatively or positively, and we have to admit that Media and Technology together has been an extremely powerful influence that overpasses the family's role. That seems unacceptable to some parents, especially those who are unable to follow up with the rapid exposure of information and technology, and consequently allows a considerable gap between parents and their children. Let me try to approach the positive perspective of the issue from a personal point of view; our children are lucky to to be born in such world where access to information is easy and appealing, where they can communicate and interact world-widely, and where they are able to seek and perceive knowledge. It is fair not to ignore the disadvantages, and as responsible educators we need to focus on limiting their misleading influence. Parents should be wise enough to lead this confrontation into a beneficial and productive relationship and to manipulate the role of the two involved(mentioned) agencies to meet their educational goals. Eventually, that acquires a high sense of responsibility, obligation and challenge. To be more realistic, it is a kind of bargain, either take it or leave it; ' take it ' means accepting the challenge considering all conditions, advantages and disadvantages, and 'leave it' means collapse and failure. By adopting the 'take it' part, we then succeed to make  the  family again the primary agency of education.

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