Educational Insights

The Family is the greatest gift a person may gratify, and our children are the upcoming future , hopefully the bright one. It is the secure institution where every and each member is committed to his role as an active participant in flourishing and protecting it. Parents must realise the precious responsibility toward their children keeping in mind the individual distinctions . They have to actualise the role model fairly in order to lead their institution successfully. The family is dealt with, culturally,  by parents as a Whole body while they should moderate this conception.  It is true that what makes a family so valuable are the intimate bonds among family members that strengthen their unity,  but each child must be raised as a separate  significant individual by preserving his/her uniqueness and personality in order to become a whole himself .  A misconception of leadership is the ultimate authority,  and this is applied ,  to a far extent, on the parental authority. Some parents miscomprehended this privilege , they  misunderstand the flexibility and sweetness of  parenthood, and they view the role of the educator as an instructor and regulator of restrictions and rules. That type of parents in fact is raising  shallow, inferior and inadequate individuals . The main reason in my opinion is because those parents are copying their parents' style without considering  contemporary environmental and global concerns of the growing generation as we are no more living in small rounded societies. Parents are always requested to refresh their criteria, to stay up to date with their childrens' needs,  and be conscious with consequences.

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  1. Really very wise.
    I want to share this quote with you.
    "It's not only children who grow.Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours.I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself."Joyce Maynard