17 March 2012

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a modern concept referred to nowadays as a role factor for success. It is no more acceptable to be intellectually intelligent in order to achieve your goals ; it is rather important to master the emotional mechanism that supports your enquiries and leads your attitude toward  a constructive personality ; so it is all about being "heart smart" not "book smart".
The ability to identify , understand, manage and control your own emotions and feelings and the ability to recognise the emotional state of others make you a brilliant communicative person who interacts securely and effectively with his surrounding.

Emotional Intelligence cannot be learned through the standard academic way , it is rather acquired and learned through emotional interaction by means of sensory, nonverbal,and daily life behaviour.
The first step to such skill , according to many specialists of the field, is the child-parent relationship.
As educators aim to constructing a highly motivated and successful generation , they actually need to go beyond the traditional teaching methods. They eventually represent a role model to their students, so they are deeply committed to reflect an intellectual-emotional- balanced character. Educators must understand the individual differences of their students , read their emotional awareness, and recognise their demand for self-esteem. They also have to realise the ultimate goal of their mission as builders of nations and societies , not  mere transformers of  information . Teaching students how to control anger, how to maintain social relationships, how to realise responses of others, how to overcome hardships, how to actualise nonverbal communicative skills positively, and many other emotional techniques and strategies ; is quite important in order to achieve human and social success.


  1. It is not easy to understand why we feel this why, and why we do this and not that... Students should learn strategies and techniques to understand their emotions, and the reason behind their emotions, so they can control them better in order to be happier and maintain better relationships.

  2. Actually nowadays, emotional intelligence is learned academically. There are courses and institutions that teach it and one get become a certified trainer in emotional intelligenc.