22 March 2012

Is it true?

Three years ago, I was watching a program on a TV channel that covered different educational and family issues.The guest of the program shed the light on misconceptions of  education and the failure of some practitioners of the field to revalue these misconceptions . He discussed the old saying that we are all familiar with; "a teacher is like a candle that consumes itself to enlighten others' way" and he disapproved the whole idea commenting that teacher's role has been culturally and meaningfully misunderstood . The guest, who is a professor of Education, stressed that we no more need  teachers  to be consumed in order to enlighten and guide others , we need them to maintain, develop and  progress their abilities while continuing their active and evolving guidance. I was really grasped by the analysis as it seemed quite appealing. Sometimes we take things for granted,or adopt  certain view points  just because they were claimed by someone in authority ( teacher,parent...), not because we approve them, we truly need to be open-minded.Maybe we should re-overview our educational aspects and concepts trying to be  practical rather than theoretical,and rational rather than emotional, otherwise we  will end consuming ourselves for the sake of just confirming others' beliefs.

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