25 March 2012

Pleasures of Charity

There are many things a person can do in life to approach happiness, a temporary happiness that is limited to the action itself and to its validity. A completely different taste of eternal and everlasting happiness is that a person can   sense and grace when devoting his whole life and actions to charity. It does not mean the action of giving money to the poor , or feeding a hungry person; it rather conceives a more elegant significance. Charity , through its broader sense and conception, means a tolerant smile to a little child , a compassionate hand to an old, an understanding and helpful guidance to a troubled teenager, a cheerful greeting to a neighbour, and so  many other human values are concealed into this aspect. As a matter of fact, it is a whole life style that provides a deep sense of self-relief, satisfaction, modesty and social bonding. Adopting this aspect as a human behaviour reflects a sense of social dignity and revelation to overcome self-centred attitude and ignorance of the other. It is an educational duty to implement such concepts in our daily life with our children and of course in school curriculum.

A question appears to the mind: what is the relation between Charity as a human behaviour  and Emotional Intelligence?


  1. I agree with you Rola. It is very important to perform what you have said, but the more important is to teach our kids to do so, because the busy life style does not allow us to guide our kids to own such mentality.

  2. I liked this post. I totally agree with you.
    The problem is that nowadays all people think that money is every thing and that as u said charity is all about money. But really you highlighted a very good aspect that we people ignore. Smiling to somebody or giving a hand to an old person are very meaningful and gives respect much more than money. These things are cheaper than money but much and much worth than it. And for sure there is no doubt that our children should be raised to own these precious aspects.

  3. Giving is as rewwarding as taking. In fact it's more fruitful since what you get when you give without expecting anything is greater than what you get when you request something or gain something. It's rewards are felt inside the heart to create a feeling of joy and satisfaction. Sympathy with others and understanding their emotions is a sign of emotional intelligence; the more you are concerned and act to help others: the more emotionally intelligent you are.