30 April 2012

Do not mimic the personality of others

Every person has his own set of talents, abilities, skills, and preferences. And that is what makes a unique and special personality. Trying to benefit from experiences or knowledge of others is a required issue, but trying to imitate them is a disastrous behaviour. Moreover, to melt into the personality of another, for whatever reason, is akin to suicide. It is eventually the problem of some people that they do not strive to achieve progress, rather they would choose the easy way of being pretentious. That kind of people lacks the will and the competency to overcome laziness and low self-esteem. As educators, we should be aware of developing and improving our own abilities, talents, and skills in order to be constructive and reflective. This process of development must accompany an establishment of an independent, creative, and unique methodology. As a matter of fact, we should be aware of delivering this conception to our children at home or school.  It is the active way of living that we should encounter.

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