19 April 2012

Tolerance, Acceptance and Positive attitude

Dealing with students in classroom seems to be a hard mission unless teachers are deeply and fully aware of their role as educators. Teaching students certain academic subjects should not be separated from the sense of duty toward forming and developing their character. Establishing a bridge of interchangeable trust between teachers and students is a main factor for overcoming teaching difficulties. Here are a few tips, I have experienced with my children, and I believe they could be applied in classroom as well.

  • Tolerate your students' mistakes and misbehaving, be firm but do not be cruel, control your reactions, don't punish them while you are angry, and show them a merciful attitude in all situations.  
  • Accept and respect your students and really do love them. Respect their minds and thoughts, encourage them to express their feelings, never critisize the 'person' but the behavior, and let them feel that you accept them for who they are regardless of their academic performance and social rank.
  •  Be positive, fair, encouraging, motivating, optimistic, constructive, understanding, modest, and enlightening in order to lead a fruitful role.

Personally, I find them really effective and approaching. It is important for students to feel secure of extreme consequences, direct criticism, and neglection. As educators you are supposedly reflecting  wisdom and through your actions and reactions, you are eventually guiding your students to make better choices. 


  1. Love is the magic word in teaching. When students feel you really love, they would be ready to do everything it takes to keep that love. They would understand that even when you're angry at them, it's because you love them. When an atmosphere of love and mutual respect prevaile in your class, you as well as your students, will enjoy every minute in it and be highly motivated to learn.

  2. Very true...love is a magic word in every aspect of life. It adds a sense of pleasure and a taste of delight to our actions and it certainly leads to better outcomes. But, as educators, we actually need to be aware of misusing this 'key word' and try our best to make it activated and directed into the appropriate path. Thanks Diana.

  3. Teacher is the base of education for that to be effective as teacher before classroom management and other situations we most love our work not only for money.